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Edmonton Orthopaedic Surgeons

Dr. Cy Frank

In Memoriam

For more information on an Orthopaedic Surgeon, please click on their name.

Surgeons who are not accepting new referrals are not listed in this directory.

In some cases surgeons have not specified an area of practice on the College’s website, hence they appear as “Not Specified”.  This does not mean they accept all referrals. We recommend you contact the surgeon’s office directly for more information before writing a inappropriate referral for their area of practice.


Surgeon (Click name for details)

Area of Practice

Arnett, Dr. Gordon Knee
Balyk, Dr. Robert A.  Not Specified
Bergman, Dr. Joe  Upper Extremity
Bouliane, Dr. Marty  Shoulder
Bury, Dr. Jeff  Shoulder / Knee
Cinats, Dr. john  Not Specified
Dick, Dr. Don  Hip/Knee Arthroplasty / Paediatrics (not scoliosis)
Dulai, Dr. Sukhdeep Paediatrics only
Esmail, Dr. Salim  Not Specified
Glasgow, Dr. Bob   Not Specified
Glasgow, Dr. Donald Louis Maclean  Trauma / Hip/Knee Arthroplasty
Glasgow, Dr. Rob  Knee / Shoulder Arthroscopy / Shoulder Arthroplasty
Goplen, Dr. Gordon Robert  Not Specified
Hedden, Dr. Douglas Melvin  Paediatric Spine
Henderson, Dr. Ronald Lee  Spine
Huang, Dr. Eric  Adult / Paediatric Spine
Hui, Dr. Catherine  Knee
Jiang, Dr. Harry Not Specified
Johnston, Dr. Bill  Arthroplasty
Jomha, Dr. Nadr Knee / Foot / Ankle
Kortbeek, Dr. Frank Adult Spine / Hip  & Knee Arthroplasty
Lalani, Dr. Aleem  Upper Extremity
Lavoie, Dr. Guy  Not Specified
Lavoie, Dr. Mitch  Spine / Hip
Leung, Dr. Paul Man K. Lower Extremity
Mahood, Dr. James  Scoliosis / Spine / Hip & Knee Arthritis
Manolescu, Dr. Andrei Razvan  Not Specified
Masson, Dr. Edward C.O.  Trauma / Hip & Knee Arthritis
McIvor, Dr. John Paediatrics
McKenzie, Dr. Al  Not Specified
McMillan, Dr. Jim  Not Specified
Moreau, Dr. Marc Not Specified
O’Connor, Dr. Gregory J.   No Paediatrics
Otto, Dr. Dave  Knee
Panaro, Dr. Carlo  Not Specified
Paul, Dr. Paulose  Bone & Soft Tissue Oncology / Joint Reconstruction (Knee & Hip)
Pedersen, Dr. Elizabeth  Foot & Ankle
Reid, Dr. David C.  Knee
Russell, Dr. gordon  Not Specified
Scharfenberger, Dr. Angela Not Specified
Thambiraj, Dr. Joshua  Not Specified
Toreson, Dr. Jeff Not Specified
Weber, Dr. Don  Trauma / Reconstruction / Hip / Knee

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